Bollywood Actor Challenges Liquor Legislation

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A Bollywood actor is filing a Public Interest Litigation in Mumbai, questioning recent legislation by the state government. The new law increase the age for consumption of liquor from 21 to 25 years old.

Bollywood actor Imran Khan filed a Public Interest Litigation in the Bombay High Court on Wednesday, challenging the state government’s decision to raise the legal age for drinking liquor.

In an effort to discourage youngsters from consuming liquor, the provincial government of India’s western Maharashtra state this June increased the legal age limit from 21 to 25 years old.

Khan calls this act of state government an infringement of individual freedom.

[Imran Khan, Bollywood Actor]:
“The first thing that I want to make clear to everyone is that this is not about drinking at all. People will think that I am promoting drinking, I am supporting drinking, that is not the case. It is dangerous, I call it to dangerous to health, it can damage your health, we all know this I have seen this in my personal life. But in India it is legal and in India as long as you are legally an adult you should have freedom of choice.”

Khan’s advocate Naik says that this new legislation is discriminatory in nature, as it infringes on individual freedom.

[Naik, Imran Khan’s Lawyer]:
“We have challenged it on the grounds of article 14 to say that it is discriminating in nature. We have also said that you walk into one state which is a neighbouring state you become a major and you come back to the state you loose your majority.”

Khan claims that his decision to file the litigation is not a publicity gimmick, but rather aims to protect the public interest.

He contends that as one can obtain license for arms and driving at the age of 18, and can also cast one’s vote, it is not logical to prevent those below 25 years from consuming liquor.

The Bollywood actor says that if the decision of state government continues to remain in force then it is likely that people will indulge in black marketing and bribe officials to acquire alcohol.



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